Long -Expanse Consultations

Dr. ElShaer is not only known to treat patients locally, within Cairo and surrounding areas, but is also known to have persons flying in to obtain treatment on a national and international level, for their aesthetic plastic surgery. Furthermore, Dr. ElShaer is immensely well versed in providing expert care for out-of-town patients and takes great pride in presenting the highest competence of surgical enhancement. Our team consists of all the required professionals, including, nurses who received full training and accreditation, as well as the most experienced board-certified anesthesiologists. For further convenience, our board will be available to help you throughout the whole process, from the initial consultation to your post-operative check-ups, this is to make your experience as harmonious as possible. Moreover, we provide information on local accommodations, directions to and from the airport, as well as attractions that highlight the beauty of Cairo for those who are expecting an extended stay.

Your Effective Consultation

Online consultation can happen from your house. This will allow Dr. ElShaer to have a better understanding of your aesthetic goals, problems and needs. In order to achieve full understanding, you will be asked to send us pictures of your area(s) of concern and we will provide you with the way they should be taken, usually from front and side view angles.

Before Your Handling

Upon your arrival for your first in-office discussion, you will be given the choice between arranging your cosmetic surgery procedure at the first meeting or on another visit. This is because some people wish to undergo the procedure immediately whereas some want to wait for some time. You will have access to our office throughout the whole procedure and all particulars will be reviewed beforehand.

Post-Surgery Regaining Time and After-Care

Before your arrival, Dr. ElShaer will advise on the length of time you should expect to stay in the city and take off work in accordance with your surgical plan. In addition he will inform you when you are expected to return to normal daily activities. It is of utmost importance to understand the post-surgery care under the inspection of our professional medical team is compulsory. Usually, this takes place in our After-Care Center where you will be treated comfortably until you can safely leave our observation. Otherwise, this can take place from your own hotel accommodations. To achieve maximum comfort, Dr. ElShaer will analyze all the particulars of your unique handling plan.

Contact to a Medical Specialized At Home

We are the aware of the importance for the need of medical help during the recovery period after your return. Therefore, if required, Dr ElShaer will communicate with your local doctor or a healthcare facility near you in order to allow a better healing process and to help you with maintaining care away from us.

Homegrown Accommodations

In order to make your trip full of convenience, comfort, and relaxing, Dr. ElShaer has taken every measure possible to make it so. Local to our practice we have a combination of popular accommodations, that our team has gathered to tackle your unique needs, in an effort to offer an effortless surgical experience. While we do not sanction any one hotel, the following lodgings have shown great patient gratification in the previous treatments..