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July 14, 2018
July 14, 2018


  • For many of our patients, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly are not enough to remove the extra pockets of fat that often develop in the body's problem areas: chin, neck, arms, stomach, hips, buttocks, legs, or ankles. For these patients, we offer Liposuction as a way of targeting these problem areas to give the body a more toned and sculpted appearance.
  • When we perform a Liposuction, DR ElShaer makes a small incision in the target area. Next, DR ElShaer inserts a cannula (narrow tube) through the incision, vacuuming away and discarding unwanted fat. Liposuction, as performed at our center, is now a safe and highly effective procedure, delivering natural and pleasing results with a recovery that is often shorter than anticipated. If you would like to learn more about liposuction, please contact us today.