July 14, 2018
You should come to the consultation prepared to discuss your medical history. This will include information about any medical conditions you may have, medical treatments you have received, previous surgeries including repair of nasal injuries, and medications that you currently take. In evaluating you for rhinoplasty, Prof. Dr. ElShaer will conduct a routine and painless examination of your internal nasal structures. Your skin quality as well as the size and shape of your nose and its relationship to your other facial features will be carefully studied. In some instances, we may recommend surgery of your chin, making it either more or less prominent, to improve facial balance. This procedure can be done during your rhinoplasty procedure. During the initial consultation, you may be asked to look in a mirror and point out exactly what you would like to see improved. This will help Prof. Dr. ElShaer to understand your expectations and determine whether they can realistically be achieved.
Sometimes certain breathing problems related to the internal nasal structures can be corrected at the same time as nose reshaping is performed. Prof. Dr. ElShaer will be able to help you determine whether these structures should be modified along with reshaping your nose.